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About Us

The Steelyard boys are a tight-knit team comprised of four avid outdoorsmen, native to the waters of Cleveland, Ohio.  The bond of the boys was forged throughout our high school years at St. Ignatius High School.  During these years we competed together on the football field, in the classroom and on the water.  The camaraderie that developed on those first frigid winter steelhead trips, not one of us possessing a clue as to how to lure one of these elusive silver bullets onto our line, was a bond stronger than the steel forged on the banks of the Cuyahoga River.  These trips to tributaries of Lake Erie blossomed a passion amongst the boys for the adventure and the experience.  We read every article we could find, packed into vehicles driving through the night, studied river discharge gauges and weather reports, ate and slept very little, and laughed a lot in the pursuit of migratory steelhead.  The adrenaline rush of steelhead only hours removed from the big lake, tearing off into the backing of our fly reels with one swoop of the tail, left us wanting more each and every time.  Over the years, we have sought to grow our knowledge of the river systems we explore and the fish that travel below their swift currents.  Beyond that, we’ve grown to appreciate the value in sharing our experiences with others.  We hope to use this site as a new avenue to continue sharing experiences, and spark a few new flames of silver along the way.

Meet The Boys

Eric "Fishmonster" Fisher

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH 

First Steelhead: A frigid December morning on the Rock in 2008. Cleared ice off his guides to land a skipper. 

Fishing Method: Single handed 10' 7wt fly rod. 13' float rod and spinning reel in the winter. 

Sports Team: Lake Erie Monsters

Favorite Snack: McD's parfait and ice cream cone. Especially in winter.

Philosophy: Women want me. Fish fear me.


Tim "Captain" Matty

Hometown: Rocky River, OH 

First Steelhead: A chrome December Rocky River Steelhead in 2006. Landed on a 5wt rod and reel. 

Fishing Method: Centerpin float fishing. 

Sports Team: Cleveland Indians and Tom Hamilton.

Favorite Snack: Original Chex-Mix coupled with a Mountain Dew.

Philosophy: In the deepest pools and swiftest currents one finds meaning. 


Mark "LRD" Deal

Hometown: Willoughby, OH 

First Steelhead: Late fall 12lb Buck Steelhead on the Grand River in 2013. Caught on his second ever cast swinging a fly. 

Fishing Method: Swinging streamers on a 7wt fly rod and reel.

Sports Team: Cleveland Browns.

Favorite Snack: A fresh stogie.

Philosophy: When fishing in good company, no cast is "too close."


Pat "Branches" Hinkel

Hometown: Bay Village, OH 

First Steelhead: Fishing the West Branch of the Rocky River in 2009 with his father.

Fishing Method: 10' 7wt single handed fly rod.

Sports Team: Cleveland Browns.

Favorite Snack: Stream side turkey and stuffing Sammies.

Philosophy: One can count rings on a trunk of a tree, but true character is found in the branches.

Steel Talk

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Article 1.01 - December 2017

Fulfillment in the Journey

Not the Destination

Steelhead fishing is difficult.  The journey of learning to locate and catch these fish requires not only understanding of their tendencies and biology, but also the knowledge of climatic and environmental factors that makes them tick.  Day length, water temperatures, river flow rates, spawning salmon, and vacation time are just a few of the factors relating to success in steelhead fishing. 


Over the past decade the Steelyard Boys have learned to embrace the journey that is steelhead fishing.  We don't always catch the most, or even the biggest fish.  However, we do have the most fun while doing it, and something is learned each time we strap on our wading boots.  We set out with goals of exploring new rivers and grabbing a few fish in the process.  These travels have lead us to find hidden gems of wilderness sometimes only a few miles from metropolis.  Our travels began during high school.   

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